Book Review : 90 God Days by Madhur Prabhakar

Hello All …. Before going deep into the review of 90 God Days by Madhur PrabhakarI would like to congratulate the Author for his efforts. Every Literary work is unique in itself and the review given below is an honest result of my understanding on the subject and must not be taken otherwise.

Let’s quickly go through the ratings

  • Title : 4/5
  • Cover : 3/5
  • Blurb : 3/5
  • Plot : 3/5
  • Language Used : 3.5/5
  • Presentation : 4/5
  • Overall : 3.4/5

About the Book : Lord Vishnu is sentenced to spend 90 God Days on earth as punishment by the Trinity Council (Including Lord Vishnu himself). He will be living on earth as a normal earthling and could not exercise any of his divine powers. Born on earth as a boy named Karun Ahmad who is an atheist by nature, he has no idea who he actually is. On top of everything he fells for a girl named Swastika who is Hindu Brahmin by religion and believes in the divinity of God. The story revolves around their confession of love towards each other. As Goddess Ganga find Lord Vishnu on earth, she chalks out a plan to get him at least on earth. Lord Ganesha arrives at earth to help his uncle Lord Vishnu and make him realize who he actually is. What will happen when Karun will realize his actual self? Will Ganga be able to achieve her desire? Only 1 God Day is left for Lord Vishnu’s punishment to end and Swastika has no idea of what is happening around. Find out what happens next by reading 90 God Days.

About Writing : Author has put forward his creative self while writing the whole novel. The conceptualization and imagination of every heavenly character is worth appreciating. Out of box thinking though seems very easy is actually very difficult. Imagining characters out of the world (Aliens etc) is one thing but imagining characters which already exist in reader’s mind in an altogether different sense is really challenging. The kind of heaven put forwarded by the author not only brings out his creative self but also inspires people to think out of the box and look for alternatives in every life situation. Author has tried to plot the conversation between the Gods in a humorous way while preserving the concept of their divinity. Though most part of the writing is a general love story between two individuals but the modern concept of heaven and its beings charms the reader. The language used is comprehensive and general.

The author has tried to smash down the so called secularism of religious institutions in a sarcastically concealed way. While writing the opening message to the readers author states “This book is about how I imagine my God“, which evidently speaks for his innocence and genuineness when he writes on serious and unspoken subjects that are basis of religious beliefs of a large population. Moreover, the contrasting match of first name and surname of the lead protagonist Karun seems to break the shackles of religious prejudice.

This book puts a big question mark not on the existence of God but the way we perceive that ultimate energy. Hence, there is nothing in this book to make a fuss about on religion and author’s interpretation of the same.

Critical Review:

  • However the concept of the book is very unique and creative but it does not create a big impact as such on the reader in terms of shaking his or her conscience. It is expected that author should have written more on the prejudiced nature of human being towards the religion that they follow rather than just pointing out the same in an indirect way.
  • The story seems to be just another love story, only difference being it is among heavenly beings this time.
  • The cover of the book creates a picture in reader’s mind that while undergoing his days in punishment on earth, Lord Vishnu will find it different and difficult to cope up with earthly behavior but nothing of such kind happens in the story.
  • It is a light read not a powerful one (For me).

Despite all critical views, the words and story seem to come out from depth of Author’s heart and his effort is appreciable. I once again congratulate him and wish him luck for his future endeavors.

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Vivek Tariyal

Vivek Tariyal is an Engineer by profession and a Poet and Writer by heart. A Gold Medalist in B.Tech (Applied Electronics and Instrumentation) from Uttarakhand Technical University he is working as an Engineer (Tech) in Energy Efficiency Services Limited (Ministry of Power, Govt of India). According to him Literature is the property of society and writings of the authors are the need of society and time. He has published a Hindi Poetry Collection titled "Uday - Ek Nae Yug Ka" and is soon coming up with his debut novel based on the theme of women empowerment.

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