Book Review : Chennai To Chicago (Memoir of a Software Engg) by Sriram Ramakrishnan

Hello All …. Before going deep into the review of Chennai to Chicago (Memoir of a Software Engineer) by Sriram RamakrishnanI would like to congratulate the Author for his efforts. Every Literary work is unique in itself and the review given below is an honest result of my understanding/expectations on the subject and must not be taken otherwise.

Let’s quickly go through the ratings

  • Title : 2.5/5
  • Cover : 2.5/5
  • Blurb : 3/5
  • Plot Description : 4.5/5
  • Language Used : 4.5/5
  • Presentation : 4.5/5
  • Overall : 3.5/5

About the Book : Chennai to Chicago is a sneak peek into the life of a software engineer and different phases of life one goes through. Its a memoir of Author’s life and the journey undertaken by him to find the purpose and motive of his existence. Being “Cream among the cream” in his college days he got placed in a big IT firm and started a new phase of his life, hoping to lead it to the zenith of success. But life has its own ways of teaching us lessons. It sometimes takes care of us in most unpredictable circumstances and sometimes thrashes us to make us stand stronger. Author touches upon various phases of his life while sharing his learnings from those phase and also goes deep into one question we seldom ask to ourself, “Why are we here in this world?” Being an Amazing and Blissful read, Chennai to Chicago gives the readers an opportunity to break the facade around them and question things that are still unanswered.

I highly recommend this book to every soulful reader.

About Writing : By putting up his life happenings and experiences together in his memoir Author has not only showcased his deep and seasoned thought process but also an undying spirit to share his experiences with the society. The content is easy to read and word usage is normal and easy to understand. The flow of the story is very smooth and reader can easily relate the chapters with the central idea of writing. Following an easy going approach author has carefully put together various scenes of his life in a perfect and coherent manner. Each chapter is complete in itself and gives reader a new thought to process and understand. Every chapter raises a soul searching question which each one of us should ask our-self. One can easily relate the scenarios of Author’s life to one’s own experiences. Be it family, college life, workplace, dreams or self introspection every mind undergoes more or less the same chain of thoughts every time.

While it is important to learn from self experiences, it is crucial to learn from other’s experiences as well and this memoir is there to guide and help you under various circumstances. “What are we here for?” is the question that lead the author to his soul searching journey. We often follow what the crowd is already following and end up loosing our own identity. The writing suggests that every individual is unique and one must not follow anything blindly. While asserting his views on “We must do what we want” author discusses the importance of spirituality and self introspection.

Life is very unpredictable and we must not worry about the past or future, it is the present that we should live in and Author seems to learn this lesson very well as a result of his soul searching journey across the globe.

The words and story seem to come out from depth of Author’s heart and his effort is appreciable. I once again congratulate him and wish him luck for future endeavors.

The book can be purchased directly from Amazon by clicking on the link below

Vivek Tariyal

Vivek Tariyal is an Engineer by profession and a Poet and Writer by heart. A Gold Medalist in B.Tech (Applied Electronics and Instrumentation) from Uttarakhand Technical University he is working as an Engineer (Tech) in Energy Efficiency Services Limited (Ministry of Power, Govt of India). According to him Literature is the property of society and writings of the authors are the need of society and time. He has published a Hindi Poetry Collection titled "Uday - Ek Nae Yug Ka" and is soon coming up with his debut novel based on the theme of women empowerment.

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