Book Review : For a Girl in a Star by Ratna Chandu

Hello All …. Before going deep into the review of For a Girl in a Star by Ratna ChanduI would like to congratulate the Author for her efforts. Every Literary work is unique in itself and the review given below is an honest result of my understanding/expectations on the subject and must not be taken otherwise.

Let’s quickly go through the ratings

  • Title : 3.5/5
  • Cover : 3.5/5
  • Blurb : 3.5/5
  • Plot : 4/5
  • Language Used : 4/5
  • Presentation : 4/5
  • Overall : 3.75/5

About the Book : Avinash and Sahas bonded as one by true brotherhood were not just best friends but a lot more than that. When Sahas left the village and came to city to live with Avinash in order to pursue his mother’s dream of him becoming a successful person in life, last thing he wanted was to confront his father Dayanand who was not there for him during his entire childhood when his mother raised him up all by herself. But destiny had its own plans, he not just confronted his father but fell in love with the girl his best friend Avinash loved from every corner of his heart. Avinash and Arti shared same feelings for each other but Sahas had no idea about it. As Sahas came to know about his friend’s feelings towards the girl of his dreams he not only felt dejected but took it as a betrayal to the sacred bond they both shared. Find out what happened when Avinash came to know about all this … Will he sacrifice his love for friendship? Will Sahas ever be able to forgive his father? All you need to do is to read “For a Girl in a Star

About Writing : Author has showcased commendable writing skills through her debut effort. The plots and selective usage of words speaks volumes of her seasoned thought process and remarkable behavioral understanding. Author seem to be skillfully expressive which is evident from the vivid description of each and every plot which makes you wonder if everything is actually going on before your eyes. The usage of words not only personifies the plot but makes the reader feel every bit of it. Love, friendship, anger, rage and whole lot of other emotions have been extraordinarily conveyed. The flow of the story is good and clear which makes it an easily understandable read.

Many daily life aspects have been touched in the story which makes it more lively.

However, Love is one of the most preferred/chosen topics in writing community coz of its popularity among young readers but the author has managed to experiment with it and showcase a different aspect through her story.

Critical Review:

  • The title of the story suggest the story to be driven for/by the Girl, however even deeper messages can be inferred from the story on the grounds of human psychology, behavior and understanding. The title seems to justify only 70% of the story and messages conveyed.
  • Author has tried not be break the suspense that both the friends loved the same girl for many chapters but the same has already been conveyed in the blurb.
  • The statement “gathering her fellow stars to show them how much power a girl’s love can have” seem to suggest love to be gender specific, however true love in itself is very very powerful despite of whether the source of feelings is a girl or a boy.

Despite all critical views, the words and story seem to come out from depth of Author’s heart and her effort is appreciable. I once again congratulate her and wish her luck for future endeavors.

The book can be purchased directly from Amazon by clicking on the link below

Vivek Tariyal

Vivek Tariyal is an Engineer by profession and a Poet and Writer by heart. A Gold Medalist in B.Tech (Applied Electronics and Instrumentation) from Uttarakhand Technical University he is working as an Engineer (Tech) in Energy Efficiency Services Limited (Ministry of Power, Govt of India). According to him Literature is the property of society and writings of the authors are the need of society and time. He has published a Hindi Poetry Collection titled "Uday - Ek Nae Yug Ka" and is soon coming up with his debut novel based on the theme of women empowerment.

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