Book Review : Europa by Hywel Richard Pinto

Hello All …. Before going deep into the review of Europa by Hywel Richard PintoI would like to congratulate the Author for his efforts. Every Literary work is unique in itself and the review given below is an honest result of my understanding and must not be taken otherwise.

Let’s quickly go through the ratings

  • Title : 3/5
  • Cover : 3.5/5
  • Blurb : 3/5
  • Plot : 3.5/5
  • Language Used : 3/5
  • Presentation : 3/5
  • Overall : 3.2/5

About the Book: Europa is a sci-fi novel based on a search cum rescue mission to Jupiter’s moon EUROPA. A team of scientists and astronauts working for space agency SEUSA sent for study and analysis of Europa went missing. A backup team was sent to search and rescue the missing team in captaincy of Capt. Richard Sparks. While SEUSA works in the most secretive ways possible, there are people outside it who are trying to get hold of people on board to get samples from distant space bodies. The rescue mission to Europa had such hidden evil motives of a business tycoon named Drako. Richard knew nothing about it untill he wakes up early from his induced sleep to witness the unbelievable. Accused of murder and evil motives Capt. Richard Sparks is summoned before jury after getting back on earth. Will he be able to prove his innocence? What happened on Europa? Find it out by reading this novel.

About Writing: Writing a sci-fi, imagining future technology and keeping reader connected to the same is a very challenging task in writing. The author has done a commendable work which must be appreciated. Author has experimented with segmented writing approach as next chapter is not a continuation of previous chapter. While many writers keep everything in continuation to maintain the reading flow, Hywel Pinto has done a great job by keeping the flow intact despite of discontinuous chapters. The main reason behind this is that there are two stories running parallel in the novel. The word usage is normal and easily understandable and the plots create a thrilling impact on the reader. If you are a fan of Space based movies, you can totally relate to this story and enjoy every bit of it. Author has tried to describe almost every situation to paint a real picture in reader’s mind and his efforts must be appreciated. The author seems to have a great interest in Cars and automobiles which is evident from various plots where the cars have been vividly described. Inspired from various space adventure stories & movies etc, overall Europa is a good read for sci-fi lovers.


Critical Review:

  • The book needs editing as there are spelling errors and many a times gender depicting words (his/her) has been wrongly used.
  • There are places where story seems to divert a little bit as author has described people and places which does not add value to the story.
  • There are two clear stories running parallel in the novel. The author has tried to connect them but the connection seems to be very weak and has not been described properly.
  • The concept of induced sleep and other activities in the space ship is understandable to someone who has already seen movies illustrating such concepts. Illustrations/sketches at few places could have made a lasting impact on the reader by creating a clear picture in the minds of non sci-fi readers.
  • The font size should have been a bit larger.

Despite all critical views, the words and story seem to come out from depth of Author’s heart and his effort is appreciable. I once again congratulate him and wish him luck for his future endeavors.

The book can be purchased directly from Amazon by clicking on the image below

Vivek Tariyal

Vivek Tariyal is an Engineer by profession and a Poet and Writer by heart. A Gold Medalist in B.Tech (Applied Electronics and Instrumentation) from Uttarakhand Technical University he is working as an Engineer (Tech) in Energy Efficiency Services Limited (Ministry of Power, Govt of India). According to him Literature is the property of society and writings of the authors are the need of society and time. He has published a Hindi Poetry Collection titled "Uday - Ek Nae Yug Ka" and is soon coming up with his debut novel based on the theme of women empowerment.

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